Slate Grout Cleaning Quakers Hill

Do you have Slate and Grout that needs Cleaning? If your slate and grout are discoloured this is a great post that you will find interesting. We recently attended a customers home in Quakers Hill that was discoloured and in need of cleaning and restoring the grout to it’s previous pristine condition.  Cleaning slate is … Read more

Traffic Lane Clean Quakers Hill

Traffic Lane Restoration In February 2018 we were called out to a customer who had a renovation to their home in Quakers Hill. After the work was completed, they were left with this stained and sticky residue on the carpets which to anyone at first, looks unsightly and presents a real problem to clean. Initially … Read more

Beautiful Results In Blacktown

Traffic Lane Cleaning In December 2017 we were called to a job with our customer telling me that he really wanted to steam clean he’s carpets and try to restore he’s traffic lanes area’s.  We pre vacuumed, pre sprayed added a specialised traffic lane cleaner, agitated and steam cleaned. Here in this photo you will … Read more

Water Stained Lounge Cleaned In Schofields

Do You Have a Water Stained Lounge? Recently we were asked to clean this water stained lounge with the customer being unsure what the results would be. What we did was vacuum under the cushions, then test the fabric and mix the cleaning prespray according to the fabric type. The next step was to prespray … Read more

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